Application Velocity A New Holistic Approach to Application Performance via Borderless Networks

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October 5th, 2010

By Nicholas John Lippis III

Information flow precedes cash flow, and in the Global economy, networks and applications deliver intrinsic value to both. The huge investment in corporate application portfolios has never been optimized in a holistic manner, rather each application or suite of applications is optimized via specialized management tools. In today’s corporate world, IT business leaders are faced with increasing application performance demands for both legacy and new cloud-based applications to deliver excellent user experience while contributing to corporate agility. In this paper, we offer a new holistic network service approach to application performance optimization called Application Velocity.

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Meet the Challenge of Scaling Application Performance for the Global Organization

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May 31st, 2010

By Cisco Systems

Typically, data centers have been built over time, with servers added as they are needed. This process has resulted in server sprawl, increasing power and cooling costs, and created challenges in management and security. To meet their requirements, organizations are employing virtualization on a broad scale on servers centralized in the data center. However, server platform and virtualization address only one part of the problem for the global organization. Not only does application complexity put a burden on the server resources, but applications increase the burden on the WAN. With a widely distributed user base, organizations must address the challenge of WAN performance if they are to deliver applications to remote users with an acceptable user experience. To meet this challenge, Cisco provides a solution to host applications and deliver them over the WAN while helping ensure the highest levels of scale and performance, enabling organizations to achieve their business initiatives.
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Cisco Wide Area Application Services Optimizes Application Delivery from the Cloud

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February 10th, 2010

By Cisco

The adoption of cloud-based computing and applications promises to improve the agility, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of IT operations required to provision, scale, and deliver applications to the enterprise. However, as with other new technology trends, delivering applications from the cloud to the remote sites creates additional challenges in application performance, availability, and security. This document discusses some cloud deployment scenarios and shows how Cisco WAAS solves application-delivery challenges for customers.
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