Securing the Data-Center Transformation Aligning Security and Data-Center Dynamics

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May 24th, 2011

By Ted Ritter Senior Research Analyst, Nemertes Research

The data center is undergoing tectonic shifts with virtualization the primary cause. Everything is moving faster within the data center—moving at the speed of virtualization—putting centers into a state of transition from physical to virtual, which can be long, complex and messy. At the same time, security models remain largely static, anchored by physical security devices. Not only does this put the organization at greater risk, it also puts in jeopardy the core benefits of virtualization. To address this, organizations need a security architecture delivering agile security and supporting the physical infrastructure, the virtual infrastructure, and all the transitional states in between the two. This requires a new security model seamlessly integrating existing security controls for physical infrastructure with comparable security controls for the virtual infrastructure. This new model requires virtualization security.