Deploying and Managing Pervasive Enterprise Mobile Endpoints and Video Communications with Borderless Networks

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May 24th, 2011

By Nick Lippis, the Lippis Report

IT business leaders are being confronted with a choice: either embrace users’ freedom or liberty to choose a mobile endpoint and applications that they deem appropriate to support their work, or dictate a limited number of supported mobile endpoints and applications in which employees must choose? At the center of this decision are security concerns and control as the number of mobile endpoints connecting into enterprise networks skyrocket. A larger secondary effect is that employees are downloading low cost (99 cents to $4.99) mobile applications, which is changing the mix of corporate application portfolios without IT visibility but user request for support. At the same time, video communications is expanding throughout the enterprise and the endpoints it supports. IT business leaders can avoid this difficult choice and offer users freedom to choose the mobile endpoint and applications of their liking, and still maintain security and control by deploying a Borderless Network. In this industry white paper, we review market dynamics shaping mobile computing plus video communications and how a Borderless Network offers user choice, IT management control and in the process, a more productive and agile workforce.

Lippis Report 152: How Microsoft Killed The Unified Communications Interoperability Forum Before It Started

July 13th, 2010

nicklippis.jpgIn the Lippis Report Research Note 150, we discussed the new industry group called Unified Communications Interoperability Forum or UNIF and compared it to other industry consortium charted to deliver interoperable solutions. While interoperability is sorely needed in the UC industry, it looks like Microsoft killed its changes of broad industry success before it started. What I hear from both UCIF members and non-members is that UCIF is controlled by Microsoft, and thus, lacks a large cross section of industry players as well as major UC providers. With its current structure, UCIF will make limited headway on its charter. In this Lippis Report Research Note, we review UCIF and its’ opportunities.
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Cisco Medianet Readiness Assessment (MRA) Service

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April 19th, 2010

By Cisco Systems

The last decade has witnessed a rapid development of data and voice convergence over a common IP infrastructure. Now video is converging with data and voice traffic over a common IP network. Converging video with data and voice is more complex than converging data and voice: it demands more considerations, and it imposes stricter requirements on the underlying IP network. This paper reviews high-level requirements of a media-ready network and presents a high-level framework and systematic methodology to perform Medianet Readiness Assessment (MRA) on your enterprise network. It goes into detail on the methodology and process it takes to perform the assessment.

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An Executive Guide to Video Communications

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April 5th, 2010

By Avaya

Internet and Corporate Video has become mainstream. The implications of video for your business are clear: customers, employees, and business partners accept video as a tool, and expect video as a form of communication. Real-time video collaboration in your business can tap into this growing trend, increase team effectiveness, reduce decision cycles, enhance relationship building, and of course, diminish travel costs while limiting your organization’s carbon footprint.

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