Application Intelligence: A New Network Service

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May 21st, 2007

Networks have traditionally supported applications by providing a transport service. Over the years this transport service was optimized through quality of service mechanisms in an effort to prioritize one set of applications over another. After more than ten years of web development and investment, the type and number of applications have increased dramatically, driving new application support requirements within networks. A new class of network service called Application Intelligence has emerged to address a series of problems and provide IT leaders with tools to optimize application performance while increasing user experience. In this paper we introduce the concept of Application Intelligence as a strategy to solve the networked application performance problems faced by most business and IT leaders.

Lippis Report Issue 77: The New Campus Networking Architecture

February 19th, 2007

The campus network is a structural component of the network business platform. No other part of IT has the ability to deliver real corporate value like the campus network does. A disproportionate number of IT and business assets flow across and interact with a campus network. The evolution of computing and applications toward integrating personal and back-office computing environments is occurring over and in the campus network and in its wake is re-defining IT architecture and its relationship to the business platform. As the lines and boundaries of data center, storage, computing, applications and networking blend and blur IT architecture will evolve into a single corporate asset which spans the entire campus network, from the data center, through the campus, across desktops and laptops to mobile end-points. The campus network is changing into an agile and flexible fabric, able to change its configuration and properties based upon application flow to deliver optimized application performance with the goal of improved user experience and satisfaction. In short, campus networking requirements and thus design are fundamentally changing.

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New Design Principles For Campus Networking

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February 19th, 2007

Guest Kumar SrikantanI am joined by Kumar Srikantan, Senior Director of Internet Switching Business Unit at Cisco to discuss systemic IT changes which are driving new design principals for campus networking. IT departments are required to support real-time multimedia services, multi-directional traffic, seamless wired and wireless connectivity, virtualized resources, automated management, etc. In this podcast Kumar and I discuss how these IT trends have forced campus networking to evolve beyond a connectivity service to a strategic business platform by delivering network services. One key attribute of new campus network design is the ability of the network to detect specific applications and alter its configuration to deliver the best performance and experience to users. Now that is strategic. You need to listen to this podcast. Enjoy, Nick.

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