Lippis Report 192: Ruckus Wireless Stakes Its Future on Universal Wi-Fi Access

May 14th, 2012

There are only a few 2004 vintage network start-ups that managed through the difficult 2008-2010 economic drought, which killed off many. These firms are survivors rooted in nutrient soil made up of strong management that tightly weaves business and technical architecture to serve an unmet, yet growing, market need. One of those markets is wireless infrastructure, and the one company that stands out in this space is Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus was founded by Bill Kish, CTO, and Victor Shtrom, CWO, and is managed by Selina Lo, its President and CEO. Ruckus Wireless has been firing on all cylinders. It’s the fastest growing Wi-Fi supplier on the planet in today’s enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) market and owns the largest market share in the carrier Wi-Fi space. According to Garner, from 4Q10 to 4Q11, Ruckus Wireless, a late entrant into the WLAN market, was the fastest growing supplier of managed enterprise WLAN access points in terms of both unit shipments and revenue – growing 289% and 181%, respectively.  And for the second year, in the carrier Wi-Fi space, Ruckus was identified as the 2011 market leader with a 26.7 % share of Wi-Fi mesh node shipments, according to Dell’Oro. In this Lippis Report Research Note, we explore the service provide trends that are driving Ruckus’ current and future success in the wake of its expected IPO.

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An Interview with Bill Kish, CTO of Ruckus Wireless, on Its Unique WiFi Technical Architecture

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May 14th, 2012

Ruckus Wireless is an innovation machine having pioneered technologies such as SmartMeshing, BeamFlex, SmartCast and now ChannelFly. These innovations have differentiated Ruckus in the enterprise and service provider markets with outstanding results. Ruckus is also involved in the IEEE and WiFi Alliance where new Wi-Fi standards such as gigabit WiFi or 802.11ac, and 7 Gbps 802.11ad are being developed. Bill Kish, Ruckus’s CTO, is my guest as we talk about Ruckus’s unique architecture to product differentiation and development. Bill shares his view of the next three years in the wireless technologies. It’s a must listen for network architects in the enterprise and service provider markets.