HP Networking Nearly 2 Years After 3Com Acquisition: What A Disappointment

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August 23rd, 2011

On Tuesday Auguest 16th a week before HP’s news of potentially exiting the PC business, Zeus Kerravala, Senior VP of Research at the Yankee Group and Andre Kindness Senior Analyst at Forrester Research joined me in a round table discussion to reflect on HP Networking. We assess HP Networking’s progress since it announced the acquisition of 3Com back in Nov of 2009 and its prospects for the future. In a word our mutual assessment is disappointment with major short and long-term threats from Huawei. But there is hope for the future if HP can create a bold new vision for the industry and execute it. If you are going to listen to one podcast this year about HP, this should be it.

Cisco CleanAir Technology Intelligence in Action

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May 3rd, 2010

By Cisco Systems
This white paper addresses the RF interference challenges that result from high usage of a shared spectrum. It explores the limitations of standard Wi-Fi chip design and how this affects the ability of an IT organization to gather critical, actionable data about the wireless spectrum for effective troubleshooting. Finally, it introduces Cisco® CleanAir technology and explains how by integrating RF intelligence into the network, users gain tremendous insight into actual usage of the wireless spectrum. This insight is critical to proactively managing Wi-Fi networks to support mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications needed in today’s hospitals, distributed enterprises, manufacturing sites, retail stores, and offices.

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Moving to the Data Center over Ethernet (DCoE)

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April 19th, 2010

By 3Com

The industry is a buzz around Ethernet’s emergence as the unifying data center network fabric of choice.  Although 10GigE is very attractive as a unifying fabric — prices are dropping and adoption is rising — we’re still a long way from a unifying fabric in the data center. According to Nemertes, nearly 63% of organizations have no plans for network storage over 10GigE, while 71% have no plan yet to converge data center switching fabrics into one unified fabric. Standards organizations are still working to address the key challenges of latency, loss, and performance at scale, which are required to ensure that a converged infrastructure performs effectively for all data center applications.   For most organizations, the best approach may be evolutionary – one in which converging parts of the network such as access layer (in-the-rack) help address server/storage I/O complexity with higher performance 10GigE Converged Network Adaptors (CNAs) – makes good sense in the near term. As the enterprise needs for agility and lowered TCO converge with standards-based resilience and reliability, we will eventually arrive at the “data center over Ethernet” (DCoE).
To learn more, download the 3Com whitepaper.