Lippis Report 223: An Open Approach to Network Automation

March 3rd, 2015

nick_podium2Modern day networking is labor intensive. Configuration, monitoring and change management are manual processes for the most part. In fact, at the last Open Networking User Group (ONUG) this past Fall at Credit Suisse, most IT business leaders said that one network engineer supports approximately 120 networking devices such as a router, switch, etc. Compare this to 20,000 servers that a single engineer manages at a hyper scale firm and you can see that networking needs automation. Manual networks are not helping IT business leaders who are feeling pressure from business unit managers demanding self-service IT delivery on par with cloud providers such as Amazon, Azure, etc., but without the implied loss of security, visibility and control. Case in point: at ONUG in Boston hosted by Fidelity Investments, large financial service firms showed what happens when they offer business unit managers on-demand virtual machine (VM) creation and deletion; the trend lines showed exponential growth, demand and consumption!

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The Policy-Governed Network

December 5th, 2011

By Cisco Systems

A new enterprise architecture for delivering policy-based services has become available. This document discusses the need for a policy-based architecture in today’s enterprise networks and presents “Policy-Governed Network” architecture as a pragmatic business solution. Building identity and context awareness into the network is critical to implementing an effective infrastructure.
Major topics include:

● What policies are and who implements them
● Changing network dynamics and problematic new technologies
● Important challenges to implementers
● Characteristics of a Policy-Governed Network architecture
● Policy-implementation platform: the Cisco® Identity Services Engine
● Scenarios showing how policies can address specific network issues
● How to begin transitioning to a Policy-Governed Network

Cisco Reputation Filtering: Providing New Levels of Network Security

October 5th, 2010

By Cisco Systems

Today’s sophisticated, blended threats can exploit three or four different communications vehicles before they launch full-scale attacks on unprepared enterprise networks. This white paper, written for IT managers and executives, examines the new security risks for today’s borderless enterprise networks, and describes how cloud-based Cisco® Security Intelligence Operations and powerful, comprehensive reputation filtering capabilities built into Cisco security appliances and services can help you protect your network from known and unknown threats.

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