Cisco Is Leading The Market Toward Open Networking With Cisco ONE

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September 15th, 2012

This is the first of a four part podcast series on Cisco’s Open Network Environment or Cisco ONE. I talk with Shashi Kiran, Senior Director, Data Center, Virtualization and Cloud solutions at Cisco Systems about Cisco’s strategy to open up networking and the gains anticipated by Cisco and its customers.

Duration: 21 minutes

Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec

Question 1 @ 2:01 sec: There are several discussions taking place in the industry around software-defined networking concepts. What is Cisco’s strategy to address these?

Question 2 @ 5:04 sec Is Cisco ONE a response to the ONF or is it a set of capabilities your customers are asking for?

Question 3 @ 7:10 sec: Can you elaborate on the individual offerings under the Cisco ONE framework – onePK, SDN/OpenFlow and Overlay virtual networks? What products will Cisco offer here and how can customers consume them?

Lippis Analysis @ 11:23 sec:

Question 4 @ 13:54 sec:Cisco ONE offers different capabilities for different markets such as hyperscale data centers, cloud providers, enterprises, universities and service providers. Which parts of ONE will each of these markets use, why and when?

Question 5 @ 17:37 sec: What do you expect the business outcomes to be, and how do you see the dynamics evolve around network virtualization and cloud computing environments, as the landscape seems to be changing quite rapidly.

Extreme Networks Offers A Broad Open Networking Initiative

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August 20th, 2012

Merchant VP of Technology at Extreme Networks joins me to discuss Extreme’s approach to open networking including its Open Fabric, Software Defined-Networking or SDN initiative plus network programmability.

Duration: 12 minutes 20 seconds

Lippis Intro/Analysis Starts @ : 00:10 sec

Question 1 @ 1:58 sec: Shehzad. lets first start with Extreme’s view of SDN market drivers. What are your customers asking for?

Question 2 @ 3:52 sec: Shehzad, Extreme describes an SDN architecture with four layers. Let’s describe that to the audience as its central to the re-distribution of network responsibilities and functions.

Question 3 @ 6:51 sec: Shehzad, Extreme’s initiative consist of four components: 1) Open programmability of networking, 2) SDN/OpenFlow & Multiple controller support, 3) support for OpenStack and quantum and 4) all of the above built on top of an open fabric. Can you talk to each initiative and how they are additive in value?

Question 4 @ 10:39 sec: What does Extreme’s Open fabric SDN approach bring to IT business leaders and how can they take advantage of it?