Lippis Report 145: Cisco Expands TrustSec for 802.1x Access Control, Policy, Identity and Encryption

April 5th, 2010

nicklippis.jpgMany IT leaders are striving to understand who is on their network and what they are doing. These are two simple questions and yet, in many cases, IT business leaders do not have a good way to answer them. And once IT leaders are able to obtain this information the question then becomes what else I can do with the data: obtain a history report, perform statistics for analysis and planning, generate compliance reports and much more. To tightly link business processes with networked applications, IT leaders need to wrap policy, identity and security around users and IT assets.

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Cisco TrustSec

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March 17th, 2010

By Cisco Systems

The traditional network and physical perimeter is no longer the only borderline to defend information security. Collaboration, IT consumerization, mobility, and new computing technologies are driving productivity gains while presenting renewed security requirements. There is greater pressure on IT to meet the demands of a dynamic workforce, both in terms of service delivery and security challenges. New solutions are needed to protect borderless networks and to help further improve business efficiencies in the mean time. Cisco® TrustSec is such a solution.

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TrustSec Architecture Expands To Incorporate 802.1x & NAC

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March 17th, 2010

StevenSong-photoCisco’s TrustSec is architecture with its implementation spread across client software, infrastructure (Catalyst & Nexus) and policy (Access Control System and NAC appliance). Cisco has expanded TrustSec to incorporate 802.1x clients allowing IT leaders to mix and match NAC and 802.1x endpoints. TrustSec organizes and simplifies authentication and policy schema allowing administrators to configure and maintain identity-based access to IT resources while identifying and applying policy based on a user roles in the organization. TrustSec also provides encrypted links at the switch port level. Steven Song Security Business Manager in the Network Systems & Security group at Cisco Systems joins me to discuss TrustSec and how Cisco is expanding its services and importance for IT business leaders.