Building an Intelligent Mobile Edge Network

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March 19th, 2012

The edge network has to be more intelligent to support Bring Your Own Device or BYOD as well as existing wired desktops. But many SecOps groups would rather deny mobile access than allow it due to security threats, thanks to lack of visibility or device, user and location information mobile devices offer upon network access. To mitigate this concern, Extreme Networks launched its Intelligent Mobile Edge Network initiative including Ridgeline 3.1 to provide SecOps context-aware identity information and application visibility for mobile and fixed endpoints entering the network. In addition a new line of edge switches called the Summit x440 works closely with WiFi equipment to increase 802.11n performance and scalability. Huy Nguyen, Sr. Director of Product management at Extreme, joins me as we discuss the fundamental changes in edge networking thanks to BYOD and Extreme’s approach to securing mobile devices so corporations can gain the productivity gains of user device freedom.