Low Latency Data Center Interconnect Using Infinera Cloud Xpress Optical Transport and Arista Data Center Switches

November 4th, 2015

by Nick Lippis, Lippis Report Testing

In this Lippis Test Report we measure end-to-end performance for a data center interconnect (DCI) solution that included Infinera and Arista network equipment. A key take-away from this experience working with Infinera’s Cloud Xpress optical transport platform and Arista’s 7280SE-68 programmable switches it’s that high-performance, high-capacity DCI – at multiples of 100 Gb/s with line-rate throughput and low latency – is feasible and straight forward to deploy. Based on our test results and my observations, Infinera and Arista have engineered impressive products and a solid end-to-end solution that address enterprises that require DCI with high speed, low latency and low power consumption.