Moving to the Data Center over Ethernet (DCoE)

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April 19th, 2010

By 3Com

The industry is a buzz around Ethernet’s emergence as the unifying data center network fabric of choice.  Although 10GigE is very attractive as a unifying fabric — prices are dropping and adoption is rising — we’re still a long way from a unifying fabric in the data center. According to Nemertes, nearly 63% of organizations have no plans for network storage over 10GigE, while 71% have no plan yet to converge data center switching fabrics into one unified fabric. Standards organizations are still working to address the key challenges of latency, loss, and performance at scale, which are required to ensure that a converged infrastructure performs effectively for all data center applications.   For most organizations, the best approach may be evolutionary – one in which converging parts of the network such as access layer (in-the-rack) help address server/storage I/O complexity with higher performance 10GigE Converged Network Adaptors (CNAs) – makes good sense in the near term. As the enterprise needs for agility and lowered TCO converge with standards-based resilience and reliability, we will eventually arrive at the “data center over Ethernet” (DCoE).
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The Importance of Service and Support for Your Enterprise Network

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February 1st, 2010

imran kahn3com offers a global support network for its customers that are staffed around the world. Their hallmark is flexibility in engagement arrangement and customization of support needs. Vendor transition and product support are two key aspects offered by 3Com so that risk of vendor transition is transferred to 3Com and not the customer. Service and support is needed more now then ever as data center and enterprise network design and deployments have become complex thanks to a plethora of new technologies and options. I discuss the Importance of service and support in enterprise networking with Imran Khan Vice President of Global Services at 3Com. Enjoy, Nick

Lippis Report 116: IT Was The Problem In ’01; Now It’s The Solution

December 15th, 2008

I believe in IT. Even with all the gloom in the economic news, IT will play a major role in the recovery. This economic mess is not a typical business cycle of supply and demand balance or imbalance. It’s rooted in the greed of a few who sold sub-prime mortgages to those who could not afford them, rating agencies that gave AAA rating to BBB sub-prime mortgage-backed bonds, investment banks that solicited investors to short these bonds only so they could use the short to synthesize and multiply the number of bad bonds which eventually clogged the credit market and ignited the stock market crash of 2008. This cycle of greed has and will continue to cost us, our children and our grandchildren dearly as we are forced to bail out financial institutions, the auto industry and fund a stimulus package sized in the $500 to $700 billion range. With this concerning economic backdrop, I believe in IT more now than at any other time in my career. Why? Because after all the cost cutting, reduction in force or layoffs, supply chain rationalization, expense reduction initiatives, etc., IT is the only tool humans have to improve and sustain productivity gains.

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