Tapping into the Potential of Virtual Teams With Siemens Enterprise Communications

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January 7th, 2013

Ross Sedgewick

Unstructured business process is more distributed than ever thanks to smartphone platforms iOS and Android. As the workforce has become more mobile, work teams have become more distributed and virtual. Mobility brings freedom and increased individual productivity but a new study finds that working in virtual teams has a long way to go before group productivity climbs. I discuss how to tap into the huge potential of organized virtual teams through Unified Communications and Collaboration or UCC with Ross Sedgewick, Global Marketing at Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Duration: 14:50 minutes

Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec

Question 1 @ 1:26 sec: Ross, lets start with the study. What were the main findings about virtual teams?

Question 2 @ 6:24 sec: Ross, there’s a lot of untapped productivity in today’s virtual teams. One main problem is that people are using old tools like email, voice and conference calls while virtual and they are getting frustrated with them. What are the new tools for virtual teams?

Question 3 @ 9:36 sec: Ross, Siemens’s approach to virtual team collaboration tools is called amplifyTEAMS. What is amplifyTEAMS and how does it increase virtual team productivity?

Question 4 @ 12:55 sec: Ross, what’s the business outcome gain when organizations implement amplifyTEAMS?

Lippis Report 186: UC SME Market Heats Up with New Announcements from Avaya and Siemens

February 14th, 2012

The Unified Communications market has twisted and turned over the past eighteen months, thanks to mobile and cloud computing plus the huge uptick in web plus video collaboration. This market has recovered from the 2009/2010 downturn with a gusto as providers expand UC to include collaboration and mobile platforms while targeting the red hot Small- to Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) market that consist of some seven million employees. With only a third of SMEs having a communication strategy plus less than a quarter with a deployed UC solution, the SME market is huge and wide open. In this Lippis Report Research Note, we take a look at Avaya’s and Siemens’ new UC offering for the SME market from a traditional voice vendor perspective and explore non-traditional SME offerings from Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Microsoft, et al.

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OpenScape Cloud Defines New UCaaS Market

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April 11th, 2011

Paul McMillanThe UC market is rapidly moving toward a cloud service for the small to medium business (SMB) market, thanks to Siemens Enterprise Communications and others offering powerful communications and office productivity software delivered as a service. Cloud services offer the SMB market with some of the same IT services that large enterprises enjoy, but without the complexity and cost. For example, Siemens has been working with Google to offer its OpenScape Cloud Service that integrates features into Google applications, like click to call/conference, etc. In this Lippis Report podcast, I talk with Paul McMillan, Director UC Technical Vision & Strategy at Siemens Enterprise Communications, about the SMB market and how its OpenScape Cloud Services is offering new, innovative solutions that allows these firms to be more competitive and agile.