Cisco 3Q10 Global Threat Report

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December 13th, 2010

By Cisco Systems

Key Highlights

• 79% of clicks on “Here You Have” email occurred within the first three hours of the worm’s spread.
• During 3Q10, 7% of all Web malware encounters resulted from Google referrers, followed by Yahoo at 2%, Bing/MSN at 1% and Sina at 0.1%.
• Exploits targeted Sun Java increased from 5% of all Web malware encounters in July 2010 to 7% in September 2010.
• The Rustock Botnet was the highest occurring ROS event in 3Q10, at 21% of events handled during the report period.
• Peak Rustock activity occurred in late August 2010, declining in September 2010.

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