Intelligent Networking for the Optimized Agile Datacenter

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March 25th, 2013

by IDC Brad Casemore, sponsored by IBM System Networking

As the use of server virtualization has matured, IT organizations are realizing they cannot achieve an optimized and agile datacenter unless the network architecture is designed to support converged systems. Therefore, any approach to converged systems that leaves networking as a secondary consideration will be doomed to failure. Fortunately, the industry has responded with networking products that are integrated with converged systems architectures. These solutions deliver the high performance required for next-generation datacenters. This approach delivers benefits in several areas, including optimization of physical and virtual resources, reduction in ongoing management of virtual machines, increased security, and IT agility. This white paper describes the business and economic advantages of an intelligent datacenter network for converged system applications.

IBM Flex System Fabric Network Strategy

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January 7th, 2013

by IBM System Networking

Complexity has become a roadblock to data center efficiency. In order to have efficient, cost-effective data center operation, IT administrators must integrate and simplify network resources and data center management. The solution to simplifying management, reducing costs, easing complexity and increasing time-to-value lies in addressing all the elements of the system: servers, storage and networking. IBM® Flex System™ provides compute, storage and networking resources in a single environment that is both efficient and easy to manage. IBM PureFlex™ System and IBM PureApplication™ System offer an integrated solution using components from the IBM Flex System portfolio. These components provide advanced networking, storage and virtualization technologies, with flexibility for a variety of workloads.