IBM’s New, Easy-to-Deploy Flex System Communications Module

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February 12th, 2014

By Clabby Analytics

Clabby Analytics published a report, “How Cisco’s UCS Compares to IBM Flex System,” in which we concluded that IBM is out-innovating Cisco when it comes to system and communications subsystem design.

In August 2013, IBM introduced yet another communications innovation with its new Flex System Fabric SI4093 Systems Interconnect Module (SI4093). This serves as a transparent network device that simplifies layer 2 connectivity and helps IT administrators avoid possible loops by eliminating spanning tree and offers the benefits of both a pass-through and a true switch. It is preconfigured and unmanaged, but also provides cable consolidation and chassis-level switching, reducing configuration and management complexity, without giving up the performance of the EN4093R. The primary competitors for the new SI4093 are Cisco and HP. In this white paper, we provide competitive analysis across Cisco, IBM and HP.