Lippis Report 188: Cisco Deepens the Visibility and Control Attributes of the SecureX Framework to Deliver Context-Aware Mitigation

March 20th, 2012

SecureX is the network security framework that Cisco launched last year. The company has now deepened SecureX to bolster its ability to provide SecOps greater visibility of applications and network traffic, and control of network security resources to mitigate exploits faster and more effectively by providing context- aware security information brought on by Bring Your Own Device or BYOD plus cloud computing applications and services. Cisco achieves this through its new ASA-CX Context-Aware Security capabilities, expanded support for Security Group Tagging or SGT within TrustSec enabled devices, and the addition of device profiling functionality in the IOS of its routers, switches and wireless access points. All of this security technology works with its Identity Services Engine or ISE—Cisco’s identity and access control policy platform.

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