Sponsors: How to Access Your Reporting Features

The information below is provided as a courtesy to our sponsor’s to help them get familiar with how the site’s administrative reporting and analytics systems work. It does not pertain to subscribers of the Lippis Report.

Logging In

For those of you not yet aware of how to login, the process is simple:

  • Login to the site.
  • Enter your username & password
  • Click the submit button and you should be good to go.

If you don’t know your username / password you can click the Forgot Password? link on the login page and it will be emailed to you. You can also register from that page as well if you haven’t done so yet.

When you login, if you don’t see anything except for your Profile (ie, no Sponsor tab) then you haven’t been given permission to access your company’s tracking reports yet.

Now we’ll review each of the menu items under the Sponsor tab, in reverse order as to how they’re listed.

User Admin tab: Managing Your Company’s Users

In the past, you had to inform Nick or myself about who you would like to give access to your company’s reports. Now sponsors will be able to designate who can access the reports themselves.

There are three levels of access to a company’s reports:

  • Full Admin: people within your company who are administrative can view all reports, change your company’s banner ad on the front end of the site, and create new users for your company. Note that to add a user to your company’s profile, they will first need to register with the site.
  • Advertising Options: these users can view whatever reports were assigned to them by a Full Admin, as well as update the graphic banner associated with your company on the front end of the lippis site.
  • View Reports: these users can only view the reports that have been assigned to them by a Full Admin.

If you are a Full Admin, you should see a short form that allows you to add a new sponsor.

  • Enter the user’s email address that they used to register with the site
  • Choose what level of access you’d like that user to have (as detailed above)
  • Choose which reports they should have access to. You can choose multiple reports by ctrl+clicking (cmd+click on a Mac).
  • Click the Add Sponsor button and they’re good to go.

Past Reports tab

This tab is only viewable to users who have reports from the early days of the Lippis Report, before we had an automated reporting system.

Statistics tab

Here you can compare how well your downloads are doing compared to site averages. There is also a list of the most popular downloads over the past 30 days for all sponsors.

Download Tracking tab

This is where you can review your reports. You can view reports in various ways:

  • View Users by Post. This allows you to see who downloaded what for a particular download. Just choose the title of the post that is associated with the post from the dropdown menu.
  • View Users by Date. This will create a list of all users who downloaded any content associated with your sponsor account over a specific time period that you determine.
  • View Users by Sponsor/Contract. This will allow you to create advanced Excel spreadsheet reports. These reports include all tracking numbers, including uniques and total click-throughs, for all downloads in a given contract, as well as ROI information and insight and suggestions from Nick himself. They also provide complete user profile information for everyone who’s downloaded anything within your site’s contract, on a per-download basis.

Each method of viewing reports has two ways of displaying content:

  • Show, which will display the report in your browser’s window.
  • Download (XLS) which will download an Excel compatible spreadsheet.

Additionally, the View Users by Sponsor/Contract allows you to export the advanced report mentioned above, as well as schedule these advanced reports to be emailed to you on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can also Filter your report’s results by any piece of information in a user’s profile. So you could see only those downloads made by people who’s company is Ford for example, or only those who live in the United States. This option is available for all types of reports.

General Sponsor tab

This tab allows you to upload a new banner to the site (if you have the right permissions.) You can only have one banner rotating on the site at any given time. Please note the instructions on this page for file type and size allowed.

You can also purchase additional services from this tab using the Google Checkout buttons at the bottom of the page.