Skype Video Podcast Recording Procedures

The following instructions are provided to assist skype based podcast guests prepare for the skype recording process. Please review these instructions carefully, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

  1. Add Nick Lippis to your Skype contacts; Nick’s skype id is nicklippis.
  2. Make sure that you are running the latest version of skype and that your IT department allows the Skype application to enter your enterprise network.
  3. With the Skype application open look at how your image will be transmitted and adjust your surroundings, camera, etc accordingly to assure the image we capture during recording is an image you want to transmit.
  4. Schedule a 5-minute system check with Nick Lippis to assure Skype connectivity and quality.
  5. Please send any graphics you would like to include in your video podcast to and Jeannette Tibbetts
  6. Turn off all cell phones
  7. Mute your computer
  8. If recording from the office, go into a quite place where you will not be disturbed or interrupted in the middle of the recording
  9. If you are recording from home, please let loved ones know that you are recording and keep pets in another room
  10. The podcast recording itself will, more than likely, not require more than :30 min, however, please schedule at least :45min so that you/Nick have some discussion time prior to the actual recording, if need be.
  11. Nick Lippis will Skype you to start the recording process.
  12. After a few minutes of set-up Nick will guide you through the interview.
  13. Please look into your camera when speaking vs other areas of interest on your computer or surroundings.
  14. There are no double takes, we use the Frank Sinatra process, record it once, do it right, get out of there. Its good to think that you are speaking to a live audience such as a conference where there are no double takes
  15. In most cases, Nick will have already recorded his intro, therefore your recording session will start with your questions
  16. Do not read from slides or scripted text, the goal is for the podcast to be conversational
  17. Once the podcast is complete, the Lippis Report staff provides the sponsor with a draft title & abstract, along with the URLs, embed code, etc depending upon the license agreement engaged so that the sponsor can review. More info.
  18. When the podcast is posted the sponsor will receive a license certificate that details its license to host, post and distribute the podcast title and abstract as well as a permanent link to the podcast