Accessing The Lippis Report Via Your Mobile Device

The Lippis Report is available on many mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs and iPhone, and has specially designed interfaces for many of these devices.


The Lippis Report has a special interface custom built specifically for the iPhone which gives you quick access to all of our latest download library additions to search our extensive archives of white papers, case studies and podcasts. Our white papers and case studies are all in PDF format, and our podcasts are mp3 files, both of which are completely compatible with the iPhone.

The Lippis Report for iPhone is also available as a native app via the App Store.

Requires a Lippis Report account.

PDAs and Smartphones

The Lippis Report is built using web standards technology, and therefore any modern PDA or smartphone’s browser should be well equipped to quickly download our site and it’s content.

Cell Phones

We have also created a custom interface for most cell phones running older browsers (such as WAP). These interfaces eliminate most of the images and add a few features to make it easier to browse the site on a smaller screen. Whether or not you can download files will be entirely up to your cell phone’s browser and operating system.

Note to cell phone users: If you’re having trouble accessing the site via WAP, for whatever reason, try installing Opera Mini. It’s a free web browser built by the makers of Opera specifically for handheld devices. You can download it for free by pointing your phone’s WAP browser at