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A free membership in our Research Download Library offers unlimited access to the most comprehensive information for IT/Networking Business Decision Makers including the latest IT products, services, technology trends and best practices.

The library contains podcast interviews with the leaders and shakers of our industry, white papers, product literature, webcasts, analyst reports, case studies, presentations and more! You´ll hear from other business decision makers who use IT to drive their businesses. And since it´s on the Lippis.Com site and in the Lippis Report, you know that the library is populated with only the best content in the industry.

Our library allows you to quickly find the most relevant resources, utilizing powerful search capabilities or by browsing our extensive listings of topics, products and companies. It’s a one stop resource for your IT and business research needs; use it to make smarter decisions, faster and enhance your professional career.

Member Benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to a vast collection of vendor, business decision makers and analyst documents, continually updated to provide you the most comprehensive database of IT information.
  • Free Lippis Report newsletter with bi-monthly alerts about the latest resources added to the library on the topics and companies that interest you most.
  • Guide our research and coverage areas. You will have the opportunity to voice your opinions in IT surveys and guide our research by participating in our forums.
  • Meet other IT/Network business decision makers in our on-line forums and exchange best practices and gotchas.
  • Invitations to exclusive live and on-line events plus special offers to enrich your professional career.

Access to the research download library is available to registered members at no cost. In order to provide you with this free service, does share your member information with companies that have content in the library. When you view a document in the library or listen to a podcast, your information may be shared with the owners of that document.