The Lippis Report Accessibility Features

The Lippis Report is dedicated to making itself available to all Internet users, regardless of how they access our information. So whether you access the Internet with a mouse and keyboard, via a screen reader, or using a mobile device,’s information will be readily available to you.

WAI Accessibility Requirements

This site validates through Watchfire WebXACT as being AA and 508 Accessible. Watchfire WebXACT is an online program that determines whether or not a website meets accessibility requirements as outlined by the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI.)

Access Keys

The Lippis Report no longer supports access keys due to their conflict with many screen readers and browser functions.

This site also features:

  • 100% CSS layout using no tables or frames for layout purposes. In browsers where stylesheets are ignored or not supported, the site is still readable and usable.
  • A special stylesheet just for printing, to maximize the use of your paper when printing Lippis Report pages.
  • Clear and consistant navigation and layout throughout the site.
  • Quick links at the top of every page which enable screen readers to easily bypass areas on the site.
  • Text size can be enlarged using the tabs above the righthand column or through your own browser settings.
  • Content that is suitable for screen readers and those with keyboard support.
  • No elements on the site require the use of a mouse as all parts of the site can be accessed with a keyboard.
  • Graphics and image maps are clearly labelled, with extended descriptions where necessary.
  • Tables and forms are correctly labelled and work in a logical tab order.
  • A site map link is available on every page.