The Business Intelligence Challenge

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By Spanlink´s contact center products division, Calabrio Software

This white paper examines the business intelligence challenge faced by today´s contact centers. It shows how, with the help of a purpose-built data mart system, companies can transform contact center performance data into valuable business intelligence.

Circuits to Packets to Applications

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Tim Kraskey of SpanlinkChanges in communications are accelerating at a rate no other industry has experienced. The transition from circuits to packets is well underway while the transition from packets to applications is starting now. The communications applications are being tightly linked into business process in an effort to automate workflow to deliver greater productivity and profitably to the global economy. In this podcast, I interview Tim Kraskey of Spanlink, a leading communications application firm. We explore how business processes is changing and how to utilize IP telephony for real competitive gain? There is one slide to download for this podcast. It is a great listen, enjoy.

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Contact Center Team Productivity Suites Enhance Efficiency

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By SpanLink

This paper from SpanLink is an excellent example of an infrastructure approach to communication-enabled business applications. Contact centers can dramatically increase efficiencies and customer satisfaction by using advanced team productivity suites. These packaged solutions merge enterprise applications and Web services, developed through a service-oriented architecture (SOA), with IP contact center resources. They deliver a new level of productivity applications to agents, supervisors and administrators. Installed in days versus the months required with custom solutions, an advanced contact center productivity suite will enhance customer-enterprise relationships and facilitate the development of new enterprise applications to link customers´ day-to-day needs with enterprise offerings. To find out more, download this paper.

Spanlink Company Overview

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