Hitachi Cable’s Apresia 15000-64XL-PSR 10GbE Switch At The Lippis/Ixia iSimCity Evaluation

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Hitachi Cable’s brings its first ever-public tested Apresia 15000-64XL-PSR 10GbE switch to the Lippis/Ixia test at iSimCity were we test all 64 10GbE links for performance and power consumption. The Apresia 15000 series was developed under the new BoxCore concept for improving network efficiency by using box switches as Core switches to fulfill customers’ satisfaction. Nick Lippis interviews Junpei Watanabe, Manager Marketing and Business Development for Hitachi Cable on data center switching and cloud network design with Hitachi Cable’s Apresia 15000-64XL-PSR 10GbE switch. Go here to download the Lippis/Ixia Test Report of the Apresia 15000-64XL-PSR Switch.