Lippis Report Podcast Format

The Lippis Report podcast, distributed weekly, offers four formats:

1) Industry Roundtable: The analyst roundtable with Scott Bradner, Harvard University, John Gallant, President and Editorial Director of Network World, Zeus Kerravala, Vice President, Yankee Group, and Nick Lippis will discuss major industry news and trends once a month.

2) Network/IT Business Decision Makers Interviews: Hear best practices from some of the best IT architects from major corporations in the global economy. They´ll share with you what works and what doesn´t so you can be more successful in your career.

3) Executive Interviews: Hear directly from CEOs and CTOs from around the networks and communications industry as Nick Lippis interviews them on strategy, direction, competitive positioning and product/service investments.

4) Product/Service Launches: Get the full unedited story on new product and service announcements when Nick Lippis gets pitched by vendors on their new product launch and then tells you what he thinks.