Open Industry Network Performance & Power Test for Cloud Networks Evaluating 10/40/100 GbE Switches

January 28th, 2015

By Lippis Enterprises

Now available, the most comprehensive independent industry Lippis/Ixia tests of data center switches. We test 10/40 and 100GbE switches with new merchant and custom ASIC silicon. In this report, the following products are tested and compared for performance and power consumption:

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 10K
Aclatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6900-40X
Arista 7504 Series Data Center Switch
Arista 7124SX 10G SFP Data Center Switch
Arista 7150S-24 10G SFP Data Center Switch
Arista 7050S-64 10/40G Data Center Switch
IBM RackSwitchTM G8124E
IBM RackSwitchTM G8264 upgraded
IBM RackSwitchTM G8316
Brocade VDXTM 6720-24 Data Center Switch
Brocade VDXTM 6730-32 Data Center Switch
Brocade VDXTM 6740 Data Center Switch
Brocade VDXTM 8770 Data Center Switch (24-40GbE & 256-10GbE)
Brocade VDXTM 8770 Data Center Switch (27-40GbE & 6-100GbE)
Extreme Networks BlackDiamond. X8
Extreme Networks Summit. X670V.
Dell Force10 S-Series S4810
Dell S6000 Data Center Switch
Dell Z9500 Data Center Switch
Juniper Network EX Series EX8200 Ethernet Switch

Open Industry Cloud Network Fabric Test for Two-Tier Ethernet Network Architecture

January 28th, 2015

For the first time in the networking industry a benchmark has been created to measure a cloud network fabric that utilizes active-active protocols. In the “Open Industry Cloud Network Fabric Test for Two-Tier Ethernet Network Architecture” report, Arista’s “Software-Defined Cloud Network” or SDCN, Avaya’s “Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture or VENA”, Brocade’s “Virtual Cluster Switching” or VCS, Dell’s “Active Fabric Network” or AFN and Extreme Networks’ “Open Fabric” were tested. Each company submitted their cloud network fabric products for test and evaluation. I thank each of these firms for their participation in this industry test and for their contributions to creating the new Lippis Fabric benchmark. If you are building a two-tier ethernet fabric as part of your cloud infrastructure, then you have read this test report before you buy any product.

Arista Software-Defined Cloud Network
Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture or VENA Fabric Connect
Brocade Virtual Cluster Switching
Dell Active Fabric Network.
Extreme Networks Open Fabric

Policy-Driven Infrastructure: Separating User Intent from Configuration Procedures

January 28th, 2015

policy_driven_infrastructure_mike_sandeepThe focus on separating user intent from infrastructure is an important new insight into how cloud environments should be run.  To drive forward this approach, Group-Based Policy is currently being developed for both OpenStack and OpenDaylight open source projects. Mike Cohen, Director of Product Management and Sandeep Agrawal Senior Marketing Manager, both of whom work at Cisco Systems join me to talk about Group-Based Policy or using intent to manage infrastructure.



Duration: 21 minutes 17 seconds


Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec


Question 1 @ 2:44 sec: Sandeep, What is GBP and what problem is trying to solve.


Question 2 @ 4:28 sec: Mike, What are the architectural components associated with GBP?


Question 3 @ 5:41 sec: Sandeep, How does GBP contribute to an open SDN approach?


Question 4 @ 6:48 sec: Sandeep, What does GBP mean for security and governance?


Question 5 @ 8:51 sec: Mike, Does GBP offer a means to automate network configuration and change management? 


Question 6 @ 10:23 sec: Mike, One part of GBP is that it gathers the state of the infrastructure.  How does it accomplish this, is there a state database that’s created?


Question 7 @ 12:20 sec: Mike, Does GBP assist in the creation of an application dependency map that can be shared across multiple IT teams, such as storage, networking, servers/virtualization and application development?


Question 8 @ 13:41 sec: Mike, How are the policies that are created configured within the products that make up the infrastructure?


Question 9 @ 15:09 sec: Mike, GBP is being adopted by OpenStack and OpenDayLight, but how will it be implemented by the vendor community within products?


Question 10 @ 18:03 sec: Mike, How does GBP compare to other efforts such as:  Congress and ONOS?