NetScout Bridges Gap Between Old and New Open Networking Worlds

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podcast_2_artworkAs the transition to open networking technologies progresses, NetScout seeks to add value by minimizing disruption and preserving excellent user experience by being a bridge between the old and the new worlds of open networking. At the Open Networking User Group or ONUG Spring hosted by Citigroup in New York City, IT business leaders discussed their transitioning to open networking technologies such as network virtualization or overlays, software-define WAN and LANs, linux based tools to automate the configuration and change management of networking, storage and servers, OpenStack, white box based underlays and much more. While no two firms are at the same point of transition, what was very clear is that all are in transition. Recorded recently at CiscoLive with Steven Shalita, Vice President of Marketing at NetScout we discuss how NetScout can bridge the transition from today’s networks to the new world of open networking.

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