Brocade’s New VDX 6740 Performance Test Result Record

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gautamRoyBrocadeNewVDX6470PerformanceTestResultRecordFor the Lippis/Ixia evaluation at iSimCity, Brocade submitted the VDX™ 6740, which is Brocade’s flagship Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch that’s built with Brocade’s Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS™) technology, an Ethernet fabric innovation that addresses the unique requirements of highly virtualized, cloud data center environments. The line-rate, low latency VDX™ 6740 fixed configuration switch is available in two models: the VDX™ 6740 with up to 64 1/10 GbE SFP+ ports, and the VDX™ 6740T with 48 1/10 GBASE-T ports and four 40 GbE SFP+ ports. We populated and tested the switch’s 10 and 40 GbE ports for performance and power consumption. In this podcast, Gautam Roy, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Brocade, joins me to review the VDX 6740’s test results.

Duration: 9 minutes 30 seconds

Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec

Question 1 @ 2:38 sec: We start with a description of the VDX 6740 and its use cases.

Question 2 @ 3:25 sec: VDX 6740 Latency and Throughput performance test results.

Question 3 @ 4:30 sec: VDX 6740 IP Multicast performance test results.

Question 4 @ 5:07 sec: VDX 6740 10 and 40 GbE congestion test results.

Question 5 @ 6:15 sec: VDX 6740 cloud computing performance test results.

Question 6 @ 7:44 sec: VDX 6740 power consumption test measurements.

Question 7 @ 9:00 sec: Closing

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