The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Nexus® 9000 Programming Environment Demonstrated

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Nexus9000ProgrammingEnvironmentDemonstratedLillianQuanTo understand the depth of the Cisco Nexus® 9000 programming environment, Lillian Quan, Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco, demonstrates the richness of this new platform. We start with standard CLI comments then move to the Nexus API environment that generates JSON or XMP code. We then utilize this code to demonstrate automation of repetitive network engineering task via Splunk and real-time graphic of network data via Graphite to create a NOC dashboard. After watching this video, network engineers will want to enroll in a Linux course while DevOps will finally be able to use familiar tools to access network data and information.

Duration: 20 minutes 25 seconds

One Response to The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Nexus® 9000 Programming Environment Demonstrated

  1. David Crosbie said:

    Thanks Nick

    This is an amazing video – it says so much about the networking changes going on at the moment:

    1) The first 10 minutes are about the CLI. But not the traditional Cisco CLI but Linux Bash and the Broadcom CLI which are natively available. That seems a huge step away from the uniform Cisco world we are used to. Remember the fervor with which Cisco protected their CLI from Huawei?

    2) Its Broadcom under the hood. Yes, the fabric appears to be custom but the SDN switches are raw Broadcom. Pretty much the same performance and certainly the same CLI as all the other white box Broadcom switches out there. I can imagine a raft of similar high performance boxes from other vendors at very competitive prices once they get the Broadcom silicon.

    3) There is a simple JSON layer on top – but it is the same commands in a web accessible format.

    4) There is no management layer – just scripts. No mention of OpenDaylight at all.

    So all in all this is a huge deal. For traditional Cisco network engineers there is a huge amount to learn. For Cisco there is an entire ecosystem to build. For Broadcom there is a pretty strong endorsement of their merchant silicon. For developers this looks like every other web enabled Linux box – which is great if you are starting out from new, not so great otherwise.