Nexus® 9000 Programmable Network Environment

By Nick Lippis

The definition of Software-Defined Networking being the separation of data and control plane offered little to DevOps professionals or network engineers seeking a programming environment to customize their network and automate opera¬tional tasks. With the introduction of the Nexus® 9000, Cisco is offering the most compre¬hensive set of network programming options that delivers programming tools through an enhanced version of the Nexus Operating System (or NX-OS), which ranges from direct switch programming via its built-in Linux BASH environment, open RESTful APIs with JSON and XML support, direct integration with Python, etc. Most network engineers will opt to enroll in a Linux programming course versus obtaining another CCIE certification after reading this Lippis Report Research Note. In this research note, we review Cisco’s new programming environment detailing its options, use cases and industry impact.

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