NEC Launches Version 5 of its ProgrammableFlow® Networking Suite and Sets the Bar for SDN

NECLaunchesVersion5ofItsProgrammableFlowNetworkingSuite_DonClarkNEC has launched its fifth version of its popular ProgrammableFlow Software-Defined Network (SDN) controller just when OpenFlow 1.3 is starting to be implemented in popular switches.  The NEC ProgrammableFlow® Networking Suite, was the first commercially available SDN solution to leverage the OpenFlow protocol, enabling network virtualization and allowing enterprises, data centers and service providers to deploy, control, monitor and manage secure multi-tenant network infrastructure.  Don Clark, Director of Strategy and Business Development at NEC joins me to talk about NEC’s SDN investment and the latest version of its controller, which you all can learn more about by attending ONUG at JPMorgan in NYC on Oct 29th and 30th.


Podcast Duration: 12 minutes 33 seconds


Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec


Question 1 @ 3:03 sec: Nick: Don, Lets start with a description of the NEC ProgrammableFlow SDN controller that is what is it, what’s new and what type of SDNs does it enable?


Question 2 @ 4:27 sec: Nick: Don, OpenFlow 1.3 support was added to the controller, what new SDN designs with that enable?


Question 3 @ 6:58 sec: Nick: Don, I’d like to talk a bit more about your Top of Rack switches – which do the NEC ProgrammableFlow SDN controller support, all openflow 1.3 devices?


Question 4 @ 8:56 sec: Nick: Don, there are visualization features within the NEC controller, can you talk to that feature set? 


Question 5 @ 10:29 sec: Nick: Don, how do network architects and designers start to build SDNs with the NEC ProgrammableFlow controller?

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