A Technical Review of Cisco’s Wi-Fi-Based Location Analytics

By Dr. James Little and Dr. Brendan O’Brien

The rapid increase of mobile devices is making Wi-Fi the preferred method of network access, predominantly within buildings, but also outside. This trend presents businesses with both tremendous potential and unique challenges. Location analytics, in conjunction with the Cisco® Mobility Services Engine (MSE), enables businesses to realize unprecedented benefits from location-based services:

● Location analytics: Estimates the number of visitors, the amount of time they spend, and the frequency of their visits within the site

● Advanced analytics: Provides knowledge of movement patterns by these visitors while they are in the building

Together, these analytics provide detailed insights into general behavior patterns of people moving and interacting within a venue or open space. Location analytics uses advanced data mining techniques tuned to the type of data Wi-Fi location provides. This data is based on potentially millions of position triangulations made per day by Cisco’s MSE. This white paper discusses the technology and capabilities behind Cisco’s location analytics.

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