The Era of Application Centric Networking

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By Nick Lippis

IDC reports that in 2012, Android and iOS combined for 87.6% of the 722.4 million smartphones shipped worldwide, up from 68.1% from 2011. IDC also predicts the expected value of the cloud computing market will increase as much as 130% to $43 billion in 2016. It’s clear that not only are applications being accessed on smartphones and hosted in public and private clouds, but business units are demanding and receiving self-service IT delivery. At the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) in Boston hosted by the Lippis Report and Fidelity Investments large financial service firms showed that self-service Virtual Machine (VM) creation and deletion trend lines are growing exponentially. These trends are powerful, and they are only in the early stages. This poses a challenge to network designers and planners as the rulebook they have referenced for the better part of a decade has become antiquated and a new model to build branch office networks is desperately needed. Download this white paper to find out how to build modern branch office networks in the era of application centric networking.

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