Investment Protection with the Arista 7500 Series

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by Arista Networks

Arista Networks’ award-winning 7500 Series was introduced in April 2010 as a revolutionary switching platform, which maximized data center performance, efficiency and overall network reliability. It raised the bar for switching performance, being five times faster, one-tenth the power draw and one-half the footprint compared to other modular data center switches. Just three years later, the introduction of the Arista 7500E Series linecard and fabric modules delivers a three-fold increase in density and performance with no sacrifices on functionality, table sizes or buffering with an industry-leading 1,152 x 10GbE, 288 x 40GbE or 96 x 100GbE in the same quarter-rack 11RU chassis.

This whitepaper details the investment protection capabilities of the Arista 7500 E-Series
linecards and fabrics, and how they utilize the Arista 7500 chassis and interoperate with
existing Arista 7500 linecards and fabric modules.

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