Visibility into the Cloud and Virtualized Data Center

by Gigamon

IT organizations today face unprecedented challenges. Internal business customers continue to demand rapid delivery of innovative services to respond to outside threats and opportunities. At the same time, it is not unusual for organizations to issue broad mandates to cut back on spending budgets. In these tough times, the adoption of disruptive technologies holds the key to improving efficiency and truly accomplishing more with less. Cloud computing and virtualization as a technology is one such innovation that allows creation of a more dynamic and flexible infrastructure by maximizing resource utilization while increasing IT service delivery. With more of the path of application data being shrouded in virtual
networks, managing and monitoring network operations with traditional approaches is becoming difficult. IT leaders and stakeholders are constantly struggling with gaining back visibility, maintaining and improving application performance, and enforcing corporate regulatory policies across this new type of network while also leveraging benefits brought by virtualization; this white paper shows you how.

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