Cisco’s Catalyst 6500 Now Supports A VSS With Four Sup2Ts Ushering Next Generation Campus Backbone Reliability Design

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Charles_Okochu_Ciscos_Catalyst_6500_Now_Supports_A_VSS_With_Four_Sup2Ts_Ushering_Next_Generation_Campus_Backbone_Reliability_DesignTo assure 100% throughput, that is no packet loss or network performance degradation takes place during an inter-chassis switch over, Cisco invested in its third generation of Virtual Switch System or VSS. It introduced support for four Supervisors within a VSS, which it calls VS4O for short. VS40 supports a VSS pair to be resilient to up to three simultaneous supervisor failures; providing deterministic and automated recovery from failures and increases network uptime tremendously in the campus backbone. Sudeep Padiyar Senior Product Manager at Cisco Systems and Charles Okochu, Network Engineer at MarketAxess join me to discuss Cisco’s new additions to the Catalyst 6500 and the resiliency network design options it affords to Cisco customers.

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