The Visibility Fabric Architecture–A New Approach to Traffic Visibility

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The volume of digital information created and replicated will grow from 1.8 trillion gigabytes in 2011 to 7.9 trillion gigabytes in 2015. IDC

By 2014 70% of IT risk and security officers in the Global 2000 will be required to report at least annually to their board of directors on the state of IT security within their organization. Gartner

There are many drivers to network visibility. The Gigamon Visibility Fabric architecture empowers network and security architects, engineers and operators to design and deploy an intelligent infrastructure by applying user-defined “map” logic to select the appropriate, relevant and critical network traffic flows and deliver them to centralized security, monitoring and management systems. This new approach can extend the network reach of tools to significantly improve return on investment, allows IT organizations to more efficiently manage and secure their network, and provides a solution that can quickly evolve and scale as network needs change.

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