Jeff Gray CEO of Glue Networks on Open Networking at ONUG

jeff_gray_glue_onugThe networking industry at an inflection point driven by IT business leaders taking greater control of their network infrastructure to lower operational cost and increase IT delivery flexibility. Open networking promises to deliver greater control, lower cost and an injection of innovation not seem before in the networking industry. To understand these dynamics, we are conducting a CEO podcast series with industry thought leaders and visionaries all of which are meeting with IT leaders at the Open Networking User Group or ONUG in Boston on Feb 13th. Jeff Gray CEO of Glue Networks joins Nick Lippis for discussion on the state of open networking.

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Duration: 9:50 minutes

Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec

Question 1 @ 1:35 sec: Jeff why is there so much interest in open networking from a customer point of view?

Question 2 @ 4:42 sec: How do you see open networking evolving over the next three years? What will networks look like?

Question 3 @ 6:10 sec: What are the biggest industry challenges over the next twenty-four months that the open networking community needs to overcome?

Question 4 @ 8:08 sec: How does Glue Networks participate in the open networking ecosystem?

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