Smart-Table Technology Enabling Very Large Server, Storage Nodes, and Virtual Machines to Scale Using Flexible Network Infrastructure Topologies

By Broadcom

A critical element of cloud network scalability is forwarding table size of data center network switches. Forwarding table size impacts data center scalability, that is the number of servers and virtual machines (VM) per server, the ability to load-balance and provide full cross-sectional bandwidth across switch links. In turn, these scalability elements directly impact application performance and mobility. VMs and server sprawl, plus increased use of tunneling or overlay technologies, further exacerbate scaling challenges. This white paper explores forwarding table size requirements in private and public cloud data center networks, and considers how such requirements affect the design of data center network switches. It also describes features that are enabled by Broadcom’s Smart-Table technology, part of Broadcom’s SmartSwitch series of technologies, engineered specifically to meet feature and scale requirements of cloud networks.

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