Lippis Report 204: The Open Networking User Group – The Key End User Event of 2013

For the past nine months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a group of IT architects from Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, UBS and Gap Inc. to develop the industry’s first Open Networking User Group or ONUG. This work has come to fruition with the Lippis Report’s first ONUG meeting hosted by Fidelity Investments on February 13th in Boston. The ONUG board developed topics to be explored, hand-picked speakers who are IT architects with SDN experience, chose 10 start-ups to demonstrate their open networking value and sent colleagues personal invitations. The result is that ONUG will be the biggest, most exclusive and important event for IT executives in 2013. Here’s why:

The New Personal Era of Unified Communications

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Open Networking (including virtual overlays, programmable networking, OpenFlow and Software-Defined Networking) is touted as a revolutionary, game-changing networking technology that enables IT business leaders to speed up IT delivery and implement a new radically low-cost network operational model, thanks to auto provisioning. IDC thinks that the worldwide market for software-defined networking products and services in the enterprise and cloud service provider segments will grow from $360 million in 2013 to $3.7 billion by 2016, representing a whopping compound annual growth rate of 117.42%. IDC’s analysis includes network infrastructure, SDN applications and control plane solutions plus related professional services.

2013 Industry Predictions with Nick Lippis and Zeus Kerravala

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But is SDN a panacea? Will it live up to its hype? Does IT staff have the right skills? Do the economics work? Can legacy suppliers innovate fast enough? Do start-ups have an edge? Is networking at a fundamental transition point? Does SDN deliver economic savings? How secure is your computer-networking job if SDN deployments accelerate? Where does SDN deliver the greatest value?

Siemens Enterprise Communications Rethinks The Future of User Communication Interfaces and Experience

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To find answer to these questions, the Lippis Report’s ONUG meeting on February 13 has organized a one-day conference where IT executives, global network architects and designers will socialize and learn from experienced IT leaders about their Open Networking projects. The hope is that ONUG will accelerate awareness and drive technology adoption on the benefits of Open Networking, free of hype. No vendors are presenting, and press is not allowed. The ONUG board decided that this is the only way to facilitate open, frank and secure discussions between IT executives. As such, ONUG has exclusive presentations not to be heard anywhere else. Presentations by early adopters who have first-hand experience and know the ups and downs of the early days of Open Networking.

Cisco Video Surveillance in Hospitals: Ten Ways to Save Money and Improve the Patient Experience

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For example, Ernest Lefner, VP Network Service Portfolio Global Network Services, Fidelity Investments, will talk about SDN at Fidelity. Joshua Matheus, VP Application Performance Engineering, Goldman Sachs, will talk about SDN at Goldman Sachs and where the big SDN returns with little risk are. Stuart Elby, Chief Technologist, Verizon Digital Media Services (VDNMS) and ONF board member, will discuss VDMS architecture and its unique leverage of SDN to lower opex and increase service delivery flexibility. Rich Groves, Principal Architect, Global Network Services Group at Microsoft, has been working on “A Large Scale SDN Packet Broker” to radically reduce the cost of 10GbE network visualization and increase flexibility by tapping and monitoring a network at any point via software. Mike Aeschliman, Head of Product and Engineering at Rackspace Cloud Builders, will show how Rackspace is using SDN to deliver innovative cloud services at a fraction of the cost. Nikos Theodosopoulos, Independent Analyst, NT Advisors, LLC, will host a distinguished panel of financial analysts and VCs to answer the question: “if SDN promises to be a disruptive technology to traditional Layer 2-7 technologies then what are the implications to investors, venture capitalists and the network market ecosystem?” Peter Krey, President and Founder, Krey Associates, will moderate a panel that will explore the coming of white box networking with Keith Shinn, VP Distributed Hosting Click2Compute, Fidelity Investments, and Rajiv Ramaswami, EVP/GM, Infrastructure & Networking Group at Broadcom Corporation.

Software Defined Cloud Networking

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There are large breaks scheduled during ONUG where IT architects can see demonstrations from the hottest start-up firms, including Arista Networks, Big Switch Networks, Cyan Systems, Embrane, Linerate Systems, Netronome, Pertino, PLUMgrid, vArmour and Vello Systems. These companies represent the best thinking and innovation in open networking. ONUG links this innovation with the largest IT buyers on the planet.

Integrating VXLAN with Avaya VENA Fabric Connect

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The ONUG experience will be learning from early adopters and socializing with a group of professionals with like responsibilities. Chief Network Architects (CNAs) from the largest financial services, cloud providers, airlines, defense contractors, universities, mobile operators, etc., are planning to attend ONUG. These CNAs are seeking answers to many questions, such as:

IBM Flex System Fabric Network Strategy

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  1. SDN ROI?
  2. How to tap under utilized server and network resources?
  3. How to accelerate the velocity of IT service delivery?
  4. What happens to IT budgets if there is no option to VMware?
  5. The importance of KVM, HyperV, OpenStack, Cloudstack, Quantum plug-in? Does an SDN solution need to span all?
  6. How important is it to have one network that supports physical Openflow/programmable networking and overlay or virtual networking?
  7. How important are open APIs, especially northbound and interoperability?
  8. Which small SDN implementation in L4-7 services will have the biggest application performance benefit and cost reduction effect?
  9. Can you replace specialized appliances, such as load balancer, firewalls, IPS, etc., with virtualized equivalent and gain?
  10. Which SDN applications are delivering the greatest value at the lowest cost?

Smart-Table Technology Enabling Very Large Server, Storage Nodes, and Virtual Machines to Scale Using Flexible Network Infrastructure Topologies

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Those attending ONUG will find answers to these questions and more. The after party at TRADE Restaurant, hosted by Lightspeed VC, is sure to be the meeting-of-the-minds standard in open networking. 

ONUG is by invitation only. Click here if you are an IT executive or chief network architect who would like to join the discussion at ONUG. See you February 13th.

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