Advances in Wireless LANs: Meeting the Needs of Midmarket Firms

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by Farpoint Group

Mobile people with mobile computers need mobile networks. Advances in basic radio technologies, very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuit technology (lower power consumption, lower cost and smaller form factors) and other radio components, network and wireless protocols, standards, reliability, security, management and, of course, total cost of ownership (TCO) have yielded sophisticated, capable, high-performance, and broadly-applied WLAN technologies and systems of today. These advances have remarkable end-user demand that continues to accelerate even today. We have thus moved to the wireless LAN as primary or default access in all key venues – businesses and organizations of all forms, the residence and public spaces. And, of course, such connectivity is more than appropriate for all applications and all forms of traffic, including time-bounded voice telephony and streaming video. The key challenge
to date has been increasing both capacity and coverage as users demand ever-higher
levels of service with an ever-growing arsenal of wireless devices. Find out how by downloading this paper.

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