Cisco’s LISP For Workload Mobility in Multi-Data Center and Cloud Use Cases Explained

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Victor Moreno Distinguished Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco Systems joins me to discuss Cisco’s approach to workload mobility via is Locator/ID Separation Protocol or LISP technology.

Duration: 21 minutes and 22 seconds

Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec

Question 1 @ 2:29 sec: Victor let’s start with a definition of LISP. What it is, what does it do and where is it located in the network?

Question 2 @ 8:10 sec: How does LISP support network policy?

Question 3 @ 9:27 sec: How does LISP eliminate manual network changes required to move workload? Put another way, how does LISP automate the process of workload mobility?

Question 4 @ 13:20 sec: When workload is freed from location what new data center or cloud computing design options are available to IT leaders?

Question 5 @ 17:09 sec: How do IT business leaders deploy LISP, what’s needed and how systemic does it need to be implemented?

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