Cisco To Offer Campus Slicing via SDN/OpenFlow

This is the third of a four part podcast series on Cisco’s Open Network Environment or Cisco ONE. Cisco ONE consist of three initiatives; OnePK, Campus Slicing via SDN/OpenFlow and Virtual Overlay. In this podcast I talk with Phil Casini Product line manager for Cisco’s SDN controller development about Cisco’s Campus Slicing functionality thanks to Cisco ONE’s implementation of Software Defined-Networking and OpenFlow.

Duration: 13 minutes 28 seconds

Lippis Intro/Analysis @ : 00:10 sec

Question 1 @ 2:09 sec: Phil lets start with the Cisco controller and OpenFlow agents. What functionality will the controller have and which Cisco switch families will be equipped with OpenFlow agents?

Question 2 @ 4:54 sec: Is Campus Slicing primarily for the university market or was the design center focused on both academic and enterprise.

Question 3 @ 8:04 sec: Is Cisco’s key added value in Campus Slicing focused on the ability to logically slice a piece of an operational network for researchers to perform their experiments?

Question 4 @ 11:00 sec: What campus slicing use cased do you foresee in the enterprise market?

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