Alternative Device Integration for Enhanced Security

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By Cisco Systems

Increase security and reduce risk by using existing technology in a non-traditional fashion.

Security is all about risk mitigation. How much risk is an agency willing to accept, and how much are they willing to spend to lower that risk to an acceptable level?

There are multiple ways to lower risk, such as:

• Increasing situational awareness through continuous monitoring of network, data, hardware and personnel resources.

• Tightening security policies for employees and guests moving within buildings.

• Increasing physical security measures when entering the building.

• Isolating physical networks.

• Using stronger authentication mechanisms (multi-factor authentication).

• Implementing an identity management system.

Unfortunately, these solutions all come at a financial cost and, in some cases, can actually prevent employees from doing their job, impacting their productivity. This paper suggests that by using some non-traditional devices in a security arsenal, and by using the network as the platform, an organization can significantly increase its security posture and reduce risk without requiring significant behavioral engineering or infrastructure costs.

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