Understanding VXLAN Virtual-Physical-Cloud L2/L3 Networks

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By Arista Networks

VMWARE VXLAN is a new network technology developed by VMware that enables stateful VM mobility across traditional L3 routed boundaries. This enables more freedom and flexibility in matching workloads to computing power. By enabling a larger, and essentially flatter network while building on top of proven models for stable scaling of networks such as routing and equal-cost multipath forwarding, VXLAN enables any workload to be provisioned on any virtualized host, anywhere in the network that is IP reachable. No longer do routed topology decisions restrict workload mobility.

If you are a VMware and network administrator who is building virtualized networks with more than 250 VMs or want to stretch a virtual machine farm across two data centers or two or more routed domains with full workload portability, then you need to read this white paper.

One Response to Understanding VXLAN Virtual-Physical-Cloud L2/L3 Networks

  1. peahirider said:

    What type of PIM rendezvous point redundancy is suggested for this type of network? RP redundancy, it seems to me, is the weakest point of this technology.