HP Networking Nearly 2 Years After 3Com Acquisition: What A Disappointment

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On Tuesday Auguest 16th a week before HP’s news of potentially exiting the PC business, Zeus Kerravala, Senior VP of Research at the Yankee Group and Andre Kindness Senior Analyst at Forrester Research joined me in a round table discussion to reflect on HP Networking. We assess HP Networking’s progress since it announced the acquisition of 3Com back in Nov of 2009 and its prospects for the future. In a word our mutual assessment is disappointment with major short and long-term threats from Huawei. But there is hope for the future if HP can create a bold new vision for the industry and execute it. If you are going to listen to one podcast this year about HP, this should be it.

7 Debates over HP Networking Nearly 2 Years After 3Com Acquisition: What A Disappointment

  1. Jeff Cruz said:

    This article is just wrong. Where are your articles on the implosion of Cisco? Wonder why that happened? Threat from Huawei is not credible.

  2. Judge said:

    Laughable at best.

  3. Kumar Gopi said:

    What crap is this? HP Networking has moved a long way from the time they acquired 3Com. Consistently they have been growing and Cisco is feeling the heat!

  4. Subir said:

    It looks like the HP guys are not only unrealistic about the 3Com aquisition, but are also unrealistic of the future of HP Networking.

    Guys, you cannot be fighting a technology leader, just by increasing discounts and piling up your losses. The more boxes HP Networking sells is gain for Cisco & Juniper.

    This is because HPN products are generally SMB grade products to be positioned at par D-Link, Linksys etc. The products can at best be positioned in the low end of Mid Market.

    But purchase of HPN boxes in huge volumes by mainly governments, enterprise customers will go for replacements to the advantage of Juniper & Cisco.

    Cisco has only ONE competitor ie. Juniper coz the competition is on technology and not on price.

    So HPN count your days.

  5. Mirza said:

    HPN has products equally comparable to cisco. so go through datasheet and compare them.

  6. robohara@cisco.com said:

    In the case of Cisco, it is not about products. It is about having an architecture that comprises a platform. That intelligent platform permits you to deliver services – and therein is the business value.
    Cisco is the only company whose products now comprise an intelligent platform and Cisco has many, many competitors as Cisco is well established in the area of services. So, while Route/Switch is certainly our foundations strength, our revenues from Unifid Communications, Data Center Networks, Compute (#2) in North America, Security, VDI/VXI, Telepresence – remember we bought Tandberg… and the beat goes on. Cisco routing and switching form the platform to which the services all integrate… nobody else can pull up a chair at that table – and it makes me very proud.

  7. Michael said:

    Well, Rob & Sub. I think you´ve missed something for some years. Comparing HP with Linksys and DLink?
    HP is no longer a seller of printers,

    – notebooks
    – workstations
    – servers
    – Thin clients
    – NAS
    – SAN (EVA@HP, 3Par)
    – Backup solutions/libraries
    – layer 2 switches
    – basic layer 3 switches
    – MPLS/VPLS core switches (H3C)
    – core routers (H3C)
    – Firewall (H3C)
    – IPS (Tippingpoint)
    – WLAN (Colubris, H3C)
    – …

    And if they go to their customers, they tell you this, they come with their lifetime slogans to our CIOs. And those people aren´t really interested in whether Cisco invented protocols, they look usually at the prices, first. That´s reality nowadays…