A New Holistic Approach to Enterprise Network Management Integrated Wired, Wireless and Policy Management

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By Nicholas John Lippis III

IT business leaders are demanding a unified policy-driven
management strategy for network access and security, mobile
endpoints including iPads, tablets and smartphones. A holistic
network approach is the unification of these management assets
to simplify operations and shift control to IT leaders. A holistic
network approach from Cisco Systems is to streamline NetOps
through the automated orchestration of policy, management and
infrastructure. In this model, network administrators will not have
to access multiple different management systems to collect data,
correlate it manually and then attempt to identify problem location.
One management system, Cisco Prime NCS with integrated
links to ISE delivers this service to NetOps drastically improving
network visibility and reducing troubleshooting time through a
client- or user-focused approach to managing corporate networks
in the age of mobile and cloud computing.

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