Mixed Vendor Networks Drive Complexity & Opex Upt

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nicklippis.jpgMixed vendor network environments increase complexity and complexity is not reliability’s best friend. In the following 3-minute Lippis Report podcast, Nick Lippis discusses network complexity and the disruptive outcomes it creates via two examples: the US Customs and Border Protection Agency at Los Angeles Airport and global Skype VoIP service.

3 Debates over Mixed Vendor Networks Drive Complexity & Opex Upt

  1. Nick Lippis said:

    Mixed Vendor Networks Drive Complexity & Opex Upt http://bit.ly/mRqbV

  2. Mark said:


    Are you on Cisco’s payroll? Seriously, this is a very jaded message reeking of vendor influence.

    I have to ask – are you disputing Gartner’s research showing that multi-vendor networks save money and help businesses avoid the ‘Cisco Tax’?

    I seriously hope you don’t injure your credibility as an independent analyst hawking a vendor with case studies such as these.

    Come back to the middle please!



  3. Nick Lippis said:

    Hello Mark

    In my experience the fewer vendors you have the lower opex, which represents greater then 40% of TCO in today’s IT delivery. I don’t read gartner research nor am I guided by it. As another point of reference, mixed vendor networks are waining, just look at the industry structure there are a few very large firms which force others to compete in niches. This pattern is only being more re-enforced as IBM, HP and Cisco concentrate and consolidate the market.

    All the best