Network Design in the Post Crash 2008 World

Zeus Kerravala and Steve Garrison, our podcast guestsThe market crash of 2008 has modified business behavior & processes permanently. When capex resumes it will not fund follow-on pre crash IT projects but IT projects that are top down driven by executive mandate to streamline operations. IT project winners are Collaboration, Video Conferencing, OPEX reduction, virtualization, security. mobility and cloud computing. Zeus Kerravala, SVP at Yankee and Steve Garrison, VP Marketing at Force10 Networks are my guest as we discuss data center network design in a virtualization post crash era. It’s a great discussion, enjoy.

3 Debates over Network Design in the Post Crash 2008 World

  1. Nick Lippis said:

    Network Design in the Post Crash 2008 World

  2. Harry Klein said:

    Post-crash corp IT – top projects include collaboration & video conferencing – marketers MUST get involved in discussion

  3. said:

    Sales and marketing must get involved in the discussion to ensure that their IT needs are being driven from the top down. Companies must ensure the technical viability of these organizations given the explosive growth of social media and all the new ways to interact with customers.