Pressure is Building to Deploy IPv6 to Avoid Another Y2K

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Fred Wettling, our podcast guestThere are over 1.5 billion people worldwide using the internet representing only 23.5 percent of world population and we are now entering an Internet population explosion as emerging internet countries go online and need address space. Experts predict that an IP address exhaustion date is coming between Nov 2010 and Feb 2011 or sooner as countries potentially rush to acquire the last available addresses to avoid being shut out of the internet. In addition the number of IP addresses per person is growing too as millions to billions of new devices have become IP aware such as Mobile internet IPhones, smart phones, etc plus new internet services on trains, plains and the home grow. So the question is, is the industry heading toward another Y2K event? Fred Wettling, a Bechtel Fellow plus Manager-of Architecture & Planning and coauthor of the book “Global IPv6 Strategies: From Business Analysis to Operational Planning” joins us to provide perspective and strategy on how IT leaders can manage IP addressing and avoid a Y2K event.

2 Debates over Pressure is Building to Deploy IPv6 to Avoid Another Y2K

  1. Mike Taylor said:

    There are enough organizations deploying v6 now in other countries that it seems rather silly to go backwards to deploy v4. So, what would drive a mad scramble for available v4 addresses? It would seem that with Windows Vista/7 being preset to deploy IPv6, the question is not whether to deploy v6, but whether to tunnel v6 addresses into legacy v4 routers. I cannot imagine a demand for addresses on those routers sufficient to deplete what is available, particularly if certain organizations give up a few million unused v4 allocations.

  2. patrick slavin said:

    RT @nicklippis: Pressure is Building to Deploy IPv6 to Avoid Another Y2K